Ketogenic diet pros and cons

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Ketogenic diet pros and cons

Ketogenic diet pros and cons: –

Are you want yourself to be a fat-burning machine? Or you want to lose fat naturally at a higher pace if yes then you should read our full article. In this article, we will discuss a healthy and natural way to lose fat quickly. We will also learn what is low carb recipes diet celled Ketogenic diet or no sugar no-carb diet. And what are some Ketogenic diet pros and cons?

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What is keto: –

Keto diet is one of the famous diets also called no sugar no carbs diet. As the name says itself in this diet you have to eat only fats and protein. The drastic reduction of carbs and high intake of fats put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Not only keto diet help you in losing fat but also it may benefit you by reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer-like diseases.

How to get into ketosis: –

Ketosis is the metabolic state in which you have to reduce the carb intake(only 5%). And increase fat intake by around 45%.

And also increase protein intake by 55% to prevent losing muscle mass.

Since the main source of energy for our body is carbs but in ketosis changing of energy source into fat causing fatigue and dizziness.

However, your body will be used up in 4-5 days. When this happens your body changes fat molecules into ketones molecules in your liver to supply energy for the brain. Since you are consuming very fewer carbohydrates food this will cause a massive reduction in insulin levels and blood sugar and increased ketones molecules.

So far we learn what is keto? Or what is no sugar no carb diet now it’s time to learn some Ketogenic diet pros and cons.

Pros of Ketogenic diet: –

Another reason why low carbs foods high in fiber diet is more superior to other any diet is that it offers you to take the maximum amount of healthy fats and protein which shows many benefits include preventing losing muscle mass, alter appetite, promote more weight loss, thermogenic effects.

Also, it’s increased ketones molecules in the body, decrease blood cholesterol problems, blood sugar problems, blood pressure problems and improved insulin sensitivity that plays a vital role.

All in one Ketogenic diet is far more superior than other fat loss diets.

Also, a keto diet is the most beneficial diet to lose fat and get rid of diseases like heart diseases, cancer, blood pressure diseases, and many diseases.

Another study clearly states that the Ketogenic diet improved insulin sensitivity by 60-75%. Also, it is seen that a diabetic patient doesn’t need any medicine course after following a low carb diet as compared to other patients who are taking fully carbs diet.

So far we learn some pros of the keto diet, how to get into ketosis and now its turn to learn some keto diet side effects and the main difference between Paleo VS Keto diets.

Keto diet side effects: –

Before start, this diet the majority of people question that is the keto diet safe or not. Here are some keto diet side effects that you should know.

  • ´   Eating unhealthy fats: – Since keto diet allows the intake of fats many people consume an excess of unhealthy fats. This caused many health-related problems like blood cholesterol level problems and blood pressure problems.

  • Increased in fatigue: – In initially days the shifting of the metabolic state as energy source caused some weakness and fatigue. Many people also reported that they lose drastically amount of strength in a keto diet. However, these symptoms only last for 3-7 days only.  

  • Challenge mentally power: – Many people fells drastically cravings of carbohydrates foods in a keto diet. Controlling this crazy craving of carbohydrates foods like candies, sugar, drinks is not an easy task.

It requires strong mental power.

This is the state where the majority of people lose their hope and start the intake of carbohydrates food once again.

  • Not for regular days: – The main problem in the keto diet is that you have to choose one day in 2 weeks where you allow yourself to eat carbohydrates foods to surprise your body. And fulfill the glycogen level once again.

  • Water holding problems: – Since in keto diet, only no or low carb recipes are allowed this causes water retention. Approximately 1 gram of carbs retains 2-3 grams of water. To prevent yourself from dehydration, you have to drink more water as you can.

  • Impacts social gathering: – It just an obvious thing that the Ketogenic diet doesn’t allow you to consume junk foods and fully carbohydrates foods. And this makes your social planning a bit harder.

  • Ketoacidosis: – Ketones molecules are acidic and if these molecules are built in large amount it causes your blood PH acidic. This will harm your body automatically.

People with diabetes are already is in danger of this condition when they don’t get enough insulin. And result in infrequent urination, nausea, and vomiting.

So a diabetic patient should avoid this diet. It is always suggested that people who are in keto should check their ketones molecules level at regular intervals.

  • Micronutrient deficiency: – Since in keto diet carb-containing foods are not allowed. This causes a deficiency of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

To achieve a healthy life, this micronutrient is important for an individual. It is suggested that people who are in a keto diet should consume micronutrients from external sources like vitamin supplements.

  • Lack of fibers: – Fibers are the most important part of our food. Without fibers, no bowling movements in your gut will possible. Since fibers are a form of complex carbohydrates. One should eat a prescribed amount of fibers in their low carb recipes to make their gut healthy.

Best food recommendations for the keto diet

For protein: – Protein is a necessary weapon in the keto diet. It is very necessary to take the appropriate amount of protein in a day to prevent muscle mass in a keto diet.

But always remember choosing the right protein with low carb and high bioavailability is the most important thing you should do.

I preferred ON (Optimum Nutrition) protein because it is low in carbs and high in bioavailability.

Readymade snacks: – Choosing the right snacks which are lower in carb and high in fibers is the most important thing you should do.

I preferred snacks that are easily available, lower in carb and high in protein so I can easily preserve my muscle mass in the keto diet phase.

My personal opinion for you to go for Primal Thin 20g Protein Bar if you are US citizen and Yoga bar 20-gram Protein Bar if you are an Indian citizen. These bars can easily affordable and available to you and can be the best readymade snack for you.

Low carb cookies: – Why ignore delicious cookies in the keto diet? Choosing the right cookie which is lower in the carb, high in protein is another important task you should do.

My personal opinion for you to choose low carb cookies which are lower in carbs, high in protein and also easily available to you. So here it is.

So far we already learn is the keto diet safe or not?

Also, we learned some keto diet side effects and learn how to get into ketosis. Now it’s time to understand the major difference between traditional Paleo VS keto diet.

Paleo VS keto diet: –

Here are some major differences between the Paleo diet and the keto diet.

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Low carb vegetables: –

It is very important to count every macro in keto diet that is why it is also important for you to only consume low carb vegetables which ensures your overall diet free from any carbohydrates. Here is a list of low carb vegetables below.

Important low carb vegetable list: –

  • Bell peppers 50 grams of chopped Bell pepper contains only 9-10 grams of carbs
  • Broccoli 91 grams of raw broccoli contains 6-7 grams of carbs only.
  • A mushrooms 70-gram serving of raw and white mushrooms contains only 2 -3 grams of carbs.
  • Avocados Just 150-gram serving of chopped avocados contains only 13 grams of carbs.
  • An eggplant 99-gram serving of chopped and cooked eggplant contains only 8-9 grams of carbs.
  • Tomato One cup of cherry tomatoes contains 6-7 grams of carbs.
  • Carrot There are only 6-7 grams of carbs per medium red carrot.
  • Kale 67 grams of raw kale contains only 6-7 grams of carbs.
  • Green beans 25-gram of cooked green beans contain only 12 grams of carbs.
  • Cauliflower Just 100 grams of raw cauliflower contains only 7 grams of carbs.
  • Lettuce 47 grams of lettuce contains only 2 grams of carbs.
  • Garlic 3 grams of raw garlic contains only 1 gram of carbs.
  • Cucumbers 100 grams of chopped cucumber contains only 4 grams of carbs.
  • Artichokes One medium-sized artichoke (120 grams) contains only 13 grams of carbs.
  • Cabbage 90 grams of chopped raw cabbage contains only 5 grams of carbs.

Role of fat. Protein and carbs in a Ketogenic diet: –

  • Fat: – It is the most important macronutrient and main energy source in the Ketogenic diet. In the Keto diet, you have to consume around 75% healthy fat through your meals if you are not gym goer or just a normal person who wants to lose some weight.

You should consume only 45-50% healthy fats in your meals if you are a gym-goer or an athlete.

Fat helps you to enter in ketosis state and act as a primary fuel for your brain.

Always remember that you should consume fat in your every meal otherwise your body will use muscle mass as a primary energy source which causes rapid muscle loss and other health problems.

  • Protein: – Protein is also an important macro of your diet. In the keto diet, you have to consume around 20% lean protein in your meals if you are not gym goer or slightly inactive.

But if you are an athlete or slightly active person then you need to consume around 55% protein through your meals to prevent muscle mass.

Some lean protein source is Chicken breast, Isolate whey protein and egg whites.

  • Carbs: – Have you wonder why you should consume 5% carbs not 0% carbs through the day?

The reason is that 5% carbs are not starch carbs or simple carbs it is fibers or complex carbs which is very important for your digestion.

However, intake of fibers or complex carbs should be at the prescribed certain limit you can take fibers from low carb Vegetables given above.

General FAQ’S regarding Ketogenic diet pros and cons: –

  • Is the keto diet safe?

Keto diet is very safe for you the keto diet gives you better and fast results than other any diet. Rarely it’s caused some side effects if you are not following all rules and regulations of the keto diet.

  • Is keto impact strength in the gym?

Keto diet also called no sugar no carbs diet. As the name says itself in this diet you have to eat only fats and protein diet and no carbs at all. The drastic reduction of carbs and high intake of fats put our body into a metabolic state called ketosis. And yes in initially days you will fell losing some strength in the gym however your body will use up in 4-5 days and used to this ketosis state.

  • Can I do a keto diet for a longer time?

The answer to this question is big no. Although the keto diet has awesome benefits it is not for the longer-term. You can only do keto for 1-1.5 months.

  • It is important to take a break after 14-15 days in keto diet?

Yes, you must take a 1-day break from keto diet every 14-15 days. You can consume carbs as much as you can (but you should stay in a calorie deficit) to replenish glycogen in your muscles.

  • Is the keto diet cause muscle loss?

It’s a higher chance that you will lose some muscle loss. However, you can minimize this muscle loss by increasing your protein intake.

The last words…

Keto diet is an awesome way to lose overall fat. Also, the keto diet shows some excellent scientific proved benefit and some side effects. Just follow the thumb rule that you have to stay in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Just follow all rules and regulations of the keto diet and let’s magic happen. drastic

All the best for your weight loss journey…

Kumar Bhaskar

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